About this film

Most of the rangers are mothers. This makes them even more vulnerable because they are the primary caregivers of their children. In the film we will see how the women take on different roles. We see their brave and vulnerable side.

With the documentary we aim to show that sometimes you need to push your insecurities and social constraints aside in order to live by your ideals. Also, our goal is to suggest looking at the world around you with a critical eye and dare to counter the mainstream. We want to broadcast our film in The Netherlands but also internationally. Apart from this we hope to be abe to help the Mambas whenever so that we can guarantee the existence of The Black Mambas.


The moon will play a big part in the fim. Full moon is in Africa also known as Poachers Moon. During this period the moon will shine so bright that the poachers will not need artificial lights. In other words, the fuller the moon becomes, the more powerful the poachers will feel and the more vulnerable the female rangers will be. But nevertheless do the women also patrol on this night. They look their fears straight in the eye. Where do they get the courage from to break through their insecurities and fears to keep doing this job?

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