The black mambas

The documentary Maanskyn takes place in South Africa, specifically in the Balule Nature Reserve. A lot of violent poachers are active in this area. In 2013 a new form of conservation was introduced: the first all-female, unarmed, anti-poaching unit named The Black Mambas.

Documentary Maanskyn

Our film will be about the special group of women who make up the unit and who chose to fight for change. Change for a better future for both nature and women. In the film we will see how the women take on different roles. We see their brave and vulnerable side.


We, Floor and Beatrijs, are currently in our last year of our studies at The University of the Arts Utrecht. This intriguing story spoke to us both immediately. In our films we often portrait someone who’s story is like a metaphor for a bigger story. In this film it would be the women who act completely in agreement with their beliefs. A belief that nature should be respected and restored so that future generations can keep enjoying its beauty and wonders.

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